I’ve never been a big process person. I know that sounds strange, given that I’m a program manager and often we’re the ones in the position of putting processes in place to make things run better. But when I started the Program Management Office at Zendesk, where I work, I started it in Product Development. Having spent 10 years as a software developer myself, I think that experience was formative — I wanted to get right to the business of creating things and not complicate my life with a bunch of annoying processes. Perhaps it’s that, but I think it has more to do with not wanting to waste people’s valuable time. I don’t get excited about process. Rather, I get excited about solving problems and making things run better. If that means putting a process in place, great. But when I do that, I prefer taking an iterative approach so that I can try out a new process just enough to prove that it works end to end. If it’s all it was cracked up to be, and it solves the problem, then let’s go a little further next time. And the time after that. I’d rather have the teams I support as a program manager coming to me and saying, “Wow, this new process really helps. Could we have more?” Wishful thinking, perhaps — but hey, a girl can dream!