I was taking a walk with a former colleague recently–and yes, we were socially distanced and doubly masked up! We were having that conversation that I’ve started having with friends where you ask each other where you’ll travel to first when the pandemic lets up and it’s safe to travel again. We shared our plans, our dreams of that wonderful meal in <pick your favorite city>, and then gravitated to “seriously, I’ll go just about anywhere as long as it’s outside the walls of my house!” We then sheepishly agreed that some of the best vacations we’ve had in recent years have been the ones we spent close to home, the crowded airports and jet lag replaced by sleeping in and lazy days around the house. Now don’t get me wrong–I’m just as stir crazy as you and I will be in a plane, train, or automobile just as soon as we’re cleared to travel! But this is a great opportunity to remind ourselves and our team members not to wait until then to take a break. We’re likely to be at this for another while and a week or two of walks outside in nature away from our screens means we’ll come back to our work refreshed and, dare I say it, actually looking forward to seeing our colleagues virtual smiling faces!