I often hear program managers say they want to be more strategic but at the same time they tell me how busy they are just keeping their head (and those of their direct reports) above water, getting the many things done on their continually increasing task list. I get it–your manager is delegating work to you and your teams are asking for more support. My solution is simple: Start by asking yourself these questions: Are the programs I’m supporting in line with what my stakeholders consider to be most strategic? Am I clear on growth plans for the teams I support so I’m ready to support them when they come asking for more help? These kinds of questions pull you out of your comfort zone of task completion and get you thinking more strategically. Bring up these questions with the business leaders you support and if you’re not already having regular 1:1s with them, set them up and use these as conversation starters. If you level up your interactions with them, they’ll begin to view you as more of a strategic partner! Make sure to follow up with your manager and align on the path forward.