We got through 2020 but that doesn’t mean 2021 will be a slam dunk. As the world (hopefully) emerges slowly from the pandemic, a lot of uncertainty still exists. The companies we work for are navigating this uncertain world and trying to predict the future. Customer requirements may have changed and some pivots to the business may still be needed. This means aspects of the programs you’re driving will need to be adjusted, likely a few times before things are all said and done. Things like program goals, milestones, and assigned resources may change. Even organizational structures may need adjusting. These changes can be unsettling to the teams you support and as program managers, you can strive to be that calm person in the room. Really listen to what’s being said and how people are feeling. Be empathetic. Support your leadership and give them the time and space they need to work things out. Remind your program team members that it takes time for things to get ironed out, and they’ll need to be patient. Then do your level best to start clearing away the noise and distractions and get the team focused on the things you can control to get the train back on track and moving forward again.